Starburst Clock

Starburst Clock

Why settle for an ordinary dull clock?  Create a retro mood with a starburst clock.  A starburst clock gives a representation of bursts of star light extending from the functional clock center.  It is typically comes in the form of a wall clock. This clock can be found in various sizes and styles.  A starburst clock is often referred to as a sunburst clock.  The styles are very similar and in many cases overlap. A sunburst clock, as the name implies, is a rendition of rays of sunlight extending from the clock center.

The starburst clock became popular in the 1950's.  More notably, are those designed by the famous architect and designer, George Nelson.  These clocks were produced by Howard Miller and currently are produced by Vitra. However, there are many other styles from various manufacturers such as Elgin and Ingraham.

 George Nelson Sunburst Clock 60's Vintage Elgin Wrought Iron Large Elgin Starburst Atomic Clock  
 George Nelson Starburst clock. 60's vintage Elgin wrought iron gothic starburst clock.  Large Elgin Starburst Atomic Clock.  

Where to buy

If you are looking for an antique or perhaps a used clock at a bargain then eBay is the place.  If you wish to physically see various clocks you will most likely find them at clock or home decorating retail stores.  To get a good price and overall selection visit our Amazon store.  If you are looking for high end George Nelson clocks you can find them at Lumen Light + Living.